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Here are some comments from our POI.nz participants

One of our POI participants, a mum of three has been able to successfully breast-feed her third baby. Her first two children, now teenagers were formula-fed as babies, she found breast-feeding at that time too much of a struggle, too painful and she struggled without the support of family and others in sticking with breast-feeding. With her third baby, she now proudly admits that she can breast-feed her baby. She puts this down to the POI antenatal session where her husband learnt how important it was for him to support her when she was breast-feeding. The biggest factor for her though has been the guidance and information she has received from Barbara, the POI lactation consultant, this is what she had to say:


“It was a Sunday afternoon at 5pm and I had only been home from hospital about 3 or 4 days, my milk had just come in and my baby couldn’t latch on as I was so swollen. My baby was hungry and I was in pain, so my husband suggested ringing Barbara (the POI lactation consultant). We rang and within half an hour she was out at our house- it was so great not having to leave the safe environment of home and go to the hospital. I felt very emotional and having her come out home and so quickly was perfect. Barbara was wonderful and so reassuring, and by the end of her visit, we had learnt how to latch my baby on correctly!”


“The latching on problem was just the beginning and a few months down the track I developed repeated breast infections. Barbara came out home and gave me the support and guidance I needed to keep on breast-feeding while the infections cleared up. I developed a never give up attitude and I am so proud that I managed to get through and breast-feed my baby”.


“I believe every woman should have the help of a lactation consultant like Barbara so that they can successfully breast-feed their baby”.


“When my midwife found out I was in the POI study, she said make the most of everything on offer. She was right- I have always felt like I have had such good support and guidance from the POI team”.


“Even though this is my third baby, I have really noticed that a lot has changed over the past few years. The activity session I had when my baby was 3 months old was fantastic, I had no idea that I could and should do certain activities with my baby right from birth”.


A POI participant who is a first time mum had trouble during the first month with getting her baby to latch on correctly when breast-feeding. She said it was awesome to have Barbara, the POI lactation consultant come out to her home; she said this was especially appreciated in the depths of a Dunedin winter! She said Barbara showed her different techniques and before she left drew up a plan of attack, this was just what she needed as she felt with her first baby that everything was so new. Breast-feeding her baby is now going really well! Here are some other things this participant had to say about the POI study:


“I have just recently had my movement session which was very interesting, we had a good group of families and babies and we were shown lots of different activities we can do with our babies- most of them I never would have thought of doing! At home I am experimenting with the activities and finding out which ones suit my baby and I best”


“I love the POI resources- I have just been given one which is about when to introduce solids- I have it on my fridge and I keep on referring back to it and checking to see where my baby is at on the traffic light”


“The POI study is now my first point of contact- I use it before I use other information or talk to anyone else.”


“I haven’t found the POI study too time consuming. Whenever anyone from POI rings they always check to make sure it suits me to talk, if it doesn’t they ring back when it does, and the same goes for the home visits”

My second child is now 4 months old and the sleep booklet I received when my baby was 3 weeks old was great. My baby became somewhat unsettled at around 6 weeks- so I read and read the booklet and did exactly what it recommended. My baby is now very settled and such a relaxed baby who sleeps all night and also has a good sleep in the morning and in the afternoon. I can't believe it and I wish I had the booklet with my first child!"